Monday, August 2, 2010

Life is Like a Football Game

I had a personal wake up call this weekend when a friend unknowingly brought one of my behavior patterns to my attention.  I came to realize that I have a tendency to brush certain things off, saying or acting like I don't care or like things don't affect me in situations where they should or do.  This got me to thinking, is this a defense mechanism that I subconsciously use to avoid being hurt or disappointed? 

It made me think of football.  In the little that I understand of the game, I know that you either play offense or defense.  The defense defends the ball and the offense goes after the ball.  According to Wikipedia "The objective of the game is to score points by advancing the ball into the opposing team's end zone."  I relate this to life.   

Another word for offense is attack.  Do you find yourself taking life head on, attacking challenges and obstacles or goals and dreams?  Or, do you play it safe by going through life trying to defend your mind, your heart and your ego by manipulating situations so that there is little to no that you can't get that you cannot fail...  We often spend most of our time defending ourselves from other people.  We don't want them to talk about us.  We don't want them to disappoint us. 

We place so much on and in people.  But do you know that people talking about you has prepared you for your impending greatness?  Do you think that the numbers of naysayers will decrease as your success, prosperity, and popularity increases? In all actuality, it is just the opposite.  A person talking about you is all a part of your preparation because when you get better, it only gets worse.  

People begin to look and dig for something to talk about and if they can't find it, they will create it.  So if you weren't or aren't used to it, you might not be able to handle it. If you hadn't experienced it, it might take you out.  It might make you want to quit.  It might make you want to hide.  If you had not been through something, you might not be able to handle all that is coming along with your victory.  Your trials have strengthened you and humbled you in preparation for the greatness that is before you. 

People will leave you. People will betray you. People will disappoint you.  Don't be discouraged!  You've experienced what you've been through to prepare you for what God wants you to do.  Because now you KNOW that you can make it...because you HAVE made it.  And you know that people are just that...people...not perfect...not God. So why even play yourself by expecting so very much of them.  Most are hurting...and they need you. They need you to operate in your God given gift to help heal them. 

Now let me reverse up off of that tangent I just went on and drive my point home.  What are you spending your valuable time doing?  What side of the ball are you on?  Are you playing defense, to avoid pain, hurt, disappointment, failure and a host of other things that are all a part of life, and perhaps very important pieces of your preparation for greatness?  OR are you playing offense by attacking every obstacle that comes your way, whether good or bad, all making you stronger, right and ready for the tasks that lay before you? 

Life is like a game of football.  What position do you play?

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  1. OMG Monica! I really needed to read this. Thanks soo much..TEARS