Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Arts Feed The Soul

I’m usually the one dishing out all of the inspiration, but recently I found myself on the receiving end. Teachers, speakers, ministers, parents and social workers give so much up themselves to uplift and encourage others, but where do they go when they need to be fed spiritually, intellectually and emotionally? The common answer is a training, seminar, class, sermon or lecture, but I have another suggestion that is a little different. I find the motivation that I need in the arts. That comes in many forms including the performing arts, literary arts, movies, book, plays and the like. But most recently I found myself motivated through the visual arts when I paid a visit to Gallery Guichard in Chicago.

The history behind that gallery, its artists and the neighborhood that it’s in is rich, but what touched me the most was hearing each of the artists that were featured in the “Emerged” Exhibit speak. Their stories touched my soul and it opened up a whole new world for me. Usually we look at pictures and can only guess and wonder what might be behind the colors and textures. This experience gave each artist the opportunity to speak life into their art…ultimately baring their artistic souls. I could go on and on, but the best way to capture what I felt is through the following poem that I wrote that night as they spoke…

Artists are deep

Their minds paint pictures even as they sleep

Pretty is far from the ultimate goal

They don’t just paint pictures, they paint souls

Inspired excellence on canvas

Art saves lives

Conveying messages beyond what we see with our eyes

An investment in prosperity

Far beyond the value of money