Sunday, May 31, 2015

Singer Shinda Ewell on The Power of Girlhood


"Don’t hide you light. Let your light shine and be the best YOU that you can be." – Shinda Ewell

Born and raised in Detroit, Shinda, has been performing professionally for 11 years, and has developed a style that ranges from R & B to jazz.

The Power of Girlhood 5.0 is being hosted at S.O.U.L and presents its 5th Annual forum for girls ages 8 to 80, entitled The Power of Girlhood: Watch My Girl Power. This fun filled afternoon of poetry, music, exhibits, demonstrations and more will be held on Saturday, June 6, 2015 from 12 p.m.- 4 p.m. at SOUL Center located at: 23023 Orchard lake road, Bld C, Farmington, MI 48336

We are inviting the community to not only bring their girls but also have them come with questions and engage in dialogue about what is important to them and what it’s like to be a girl.

We will have dialogues with metro area luminaries such as: Coco, One Single Rose, Deekah Wyatt, Michelle Held, Shinda, Dimonique Boyd

Plus surprise performances, swag bags and more! All for FREE

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Phil Raney of Urban Jazz Coalition

"I've had a beautiful life...full of tremendous experiences...I'm just a firm believer that if you have faith in God, live your life the right way, and work hard, the Lord will make good things happen for you." - Phil Raney

Urban Jazz Coalition has been one of the hottest live performance ensembles on the Contemporary jazz scene for some time now, and they have created a major buzz on the national smooth jazz festival circuit over the past several years.

UJC has electrified audiences across North America while performing their energetic blend of R&B/Jazz Fusion at many of the nation’s most prominent festivals and concert venues including The Seabreeze Jazz Festival, Jazz Fest West, The Capital Jazz Fest, The Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival, and numerous other prestigious concert venues. JazzTimes Magazine’s award winning columnist, Brian Soergel, described the band’s sound as “flush with rhythmic grooves, funky bass lines, and beautiful melodies.”

Urban Jazz Coalition has made a strong impression at terrestrial, satellite, and internet radio, propelling their last five CD releases to “Top 50” status on international airplay charts, and generating worldwide distribution of the group’s music catalogue.  UJC’s most recent project, “One Step Closer” (released July 2013) was also named one of the “Top 100 Records Of 2013” by the prestigious Groove Jazz Music Airplay Chart.     The band’s music has been featured in network television programming, international film soundtracks, advertising campaigns, and as part of an eclectic group of artists included on a Gospel/Jazz compilation project released by Capitol/EMI Records.

In addition to the acclaim UJC has earned as a self contained group, they have also become one of the most in-demand back-up groups in smooth jazz, having performed as sidemen for many top artists including Nick Colionne, Marion Meadows, Jeff Lorber, Peter White, Paul Taylor, Althea Rene’, Brian Simpson, Jackiem Joyner, Tom Braxton, Mike Phillips, Jazz In Pink, Lin Rountree, Four 80 East, Jessy J, Ken Navarro, Nils, Oli Silk, Elizabeth Mis, U-Nam, Paula Atherton, Matt Marshak & Marcus Anderson. 

When asked why this group has generated so much excitement in smooth jazz circles, former Radio & Records chart columnist Carol Archer was quoted as follows…

“A lot of artists aspire to sound as tight and as funky as The Urban Jazz Coalition, But these gentlemen really do pull it off…”

With the radio success of the band’s CD projects, and the positive buzz generated by their consistently energetic live performances, UJC continues to have the momentum rolling as they embark on another busy touring season.  

You won’t want to miss an opportunity to hear the group that everyone has been talking about…Urban Jazz Coalition!  

Booking Agency: Steve Butler @ Mighty Music, LLC…718-815-9447

UJC Contact: Phil Raney @ Continuum Music Group…614-202-8400

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Life Without Risk is Risky

“If you’re not risking nothing, neither will they.” – Ma Rainey 

I was watching the new HBO movie called Bessie the other night and one scene in particular really stood out to me. Bessie Smith was a popular blues singer. Before her career took off, she was being mentored by another singer named Ma Rainey. In this scene, they were in an empty auditorium. Ma Rainey had Bessie walk out onto the stage. When Bessie stopped just short of the curtain, Ma Rainey urged her to keep going. When Bessie reached the edge of the stage Ma Rainey said, “That’s about right. How does that feel?”

Bessie said, “Like I’m about to fall off!”

Ma Rainey said, “That’s how it should feel. If you’re not risking nothing, neither will they.”

That statement struck me powerfully because it reminded me how important it is to be transparent to truly connect with people. Think about it…

If you are a speaker, singer, teacher, coach, parent or any other person who has an audience, no matter how big or small, you want to connect with them authentically, otherwise, your message will not be received.

Why should a customer or client spend their money with you? Why should your significant other do what you expect them to do? Why should your child or your student listen to you?

Things resonate more deeply with people when they are real. Risk is real.

Are you wearing a mask? Are you holding back? Are you merely presenting your representative to the world, hiding what you've been through, what you’re going through, or all of the talent, knowledge or wisdom that you have yet to unleash?

Not only will taking these risks heal, strengthen and liberate you…but telling your true story, showing the world who you really are, and what you are really capable of will free them too. If you are willing put it all on the table, so will they. If you are willing to invest, so will they. If you are willing to take a risk, so will they.

People need to know that they are not alone. 

When I took three years to focus on studying financial literacy, all of the wealthy people had something in common…they weren't afraid to take risks. 

The word risk often has a negative connotation, but it doesn't have to be a bad thing at all. Think of it as a catalyst for growth, change, liberation and as opening a door for those who are watching to give back to you. 

What risk can you take to catapult your life to the next level?

This week I challenge you to take a risk in your career, relationship, family or community. No matter how big or small, take that action and watch how those who are in your audience will follow your lead. 


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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Get More Wisdom with Salandra Fleming

“Notice what’s going on inside of you and notice the reaction that you are getting from your surroundings. That is one thing that clues you in to being self-aware.” – Salandra Fleming 

As the founder of Get More Wisdom Christian Services, Salandra Fleming has spent the last ten years inspiring others to make meaningful and lasting changes in their lives. She specializes in helping her clients to increase overall emotional intelligence by being aware of and practicing healthy Godly behaviors in order to discover what best life that God has designed for them. After years of helping people find and identify their best selves, Salandra decided to share her wisdom and tools with the masses and authored her first book, 10 Questions Every Christian Must Ask.


 10 Questions Every Christian Must Ask is a quick, creative, step-by-step guide to helping women seek God’s wisdom as they uncover their best possible lives.


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Saturday, May 23, 2015

"Optimistic" Music with Paul Dozier

"Stay patient, stay faithful and just always know that your opportunity is going to come." - Paul Dozier

A talented Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Musician, one who plays multiple instruments: the guitar, bass, drums and saxophone. He brings fresh sounds and jazzy blends of instrumentals as well as arrangements, which seem to have no boundaries. 

Paul began to play instruments at the early age of six. He recorded his first single record with his father and two brothers, in which he was at that time referred to as "the little ball of fire", because of his explosive persona. The group called themselves the Dozier Singers. They were a local family quartet that performed throughout the city of Los Angeles and surrounding areas for over ten years. At the age fifteen, Paul explored the jazz arena, and played with the industries great pioneer, Jazz drummer Al (Tutti) Heath of the famous Heath Brothers. 

Over the years Paul formed his own band. They recorded two albums for New Dawn Records, which was distributed by A&M Records and received national as well as international acclaim. In 2001, Paul released his first solo album entitled "On a Glorious Journey" which garnered him a major distribution deal with Orpheus/EMI Records. In 2005 he released his 2nd CD titled ' Compassion'. In 2008 he released his 3rd CD titled 'On Way Street'. His 4th CD ”Coolin On the 7th Day” garnered him a hit single, “It Means I Love Yah”. With overwhelming radio response this allowed him headline openings for noted artists such as Paul Taylor, Wayman Tisdale, Will Downing, Bobby Lyle, Tom Braxton, Phil Driscoll, Tim Bowman, The Stylistics, The Clark Sisters, Shirley Caesar, The Hawkins Family, Bobby Jones T.V. Show and much more. 

Paul has also played the role as Music Director for artist such as Karen Briggs, Gail Jhonson, Kim Scott, Edgar Wallace Jr. and sax man Yancyy. As a side man Paul has played with Brian Simpson, Jakeim Joyner.

Paul's current CD is called "Optimistic"

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Creating a "Catalyst" with Marqueal Jordan

"Be encouraged and take the leap. We fail when we don't try at all." - Marqueal Jordan 

In 2008, when Brian Culbertson was in his old hometown of Chicago for a high profile gig as an opening act at United Center, his drummer Chris Miskel not only introduced him to his friend Marqueal Jordan, he also invited the keyboardist to check out the popular saxophonist at a local club – one of hundreds of gigs he had done over the years. At the time, Culbertson was looking for a new sax player for his upcoming Bringing Back The Funk tour – and he was so blown away that he offered Jordan the gig on the spot. 

After establishing himself on the urban jazz scene over the past few years touring with Culbertson and many other top genre performers, Jordan is now emerging as an artist in his own right with perfectly titled, Catalyst, a powerful and eclectic collection that establishes Jordan’s exciting vision of the future of contemporary urban jazz.

Developed over the past few years during down time from his increasingly busy schedule, Catalyst -- whose vibe Jordan describes as “Grover Washington, Jr. meets Maxwell” -- features three tracks produced by Jordan himself, three by prominent R&B/urban jazz producer Chris “Big Dog” Davis (Maysa, Kim Waters, Najee), two by prominent Chicago DJ/producer/artist DJ I.N.C. and one by R&B singer Frank McComb. “When You Smile”, a track that showcases Jordan’s equally soulful vocals, features Culbertson on piano, and the keyboardist also is credited as one of the project’s recording engineers and associate producers. 

A well-established freelance performer for years in his adopted hometown of Chicago, Jordan had thought about doing a solo recording even before getting the gig with Culbertson – but it was always a matter of finding the right voice and opportunity. He credits fellow saxophonist Mike Phillips, who joined the band for one of Culbertson’s Christmas tours, for encouraging him to stop thinking about it and get started. Phillips had enjoyed success as a solo artist in addition to his work as a sideman and simply told Jordan, “You’re next.” Culbertson’s former guitarist, Gerey Johnson, also helped kick the process in gear. Jordan’s drummer, Khari Parker, got the ball rolling by suggesting that the saxophonist record his co-written song “Buttas”.

“I think when you’re a busy sideman, if you don’t make recording your solo album a priority, it won’t become one”, says Jordan. “Even though the pieces came together slowly and from a lot of different talented collaborators, I had an overall vision of what I wanted to do, and that was putting my best foot forward, sharing a lot of my musical history as a saxophonist and singer in the worlds of jazz and R&B. My goal was to bring all of that together to tell the story of who I am, and I am really excited by the results and appreciate all of the many musicians and people in my life who helped make it a reality.”

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

"Individuality Unleashed" with Darryl E. McCullough

"In our mission to be politically correct, no one has an opinion anymore, you can’t speak your opinion, you can’t speak your mind." - Darryl E. McCullough

No, he was never homeless like so many Black rags to riches stories start off nowadays. He was born in a middle class family, back when middle class existed and meant that you did not shop at discount stores, or at least you would not admit to it!  Despite living comfortably, he still had issues with life. He ended up developing several ulcers prior to the age of sixteen!  Under doctor's orders he began to therapeutically write out his problems. 

Before he knew it, he had piles upon piles of verbal expressions.  He slowly but surely began to compile them together laying the foundation for a book.  Eventually some of his writings were published in a few newspapers and he won several poetry contests.

After publishing his first book “Perfectly Sane” consisting of short-stories and poetry and its predecessor “I’m Still Sane” this mentally stable author has since delved into the world of screenwriting, columnist work, short-film and teaching. 

For more information visit his website at or

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