Monday, July 26, 2010

Every Wall Has A Window or A Door

Recently I took a mini vacation to visit my older brother at his beautiful historic home in Springfield, Massachusetts.  There was a door in the room where I slept each night that I hadn’t used and I wasn’t sure where it led to so I asked him.  He explained to me that it led out to the family room before saying, “Every wall in this house has a window or a door.”  As simple as that sounds, I found it to be quite fascinating.  It made me think about how it could be a perfect analogy for how we view our lives.

In life, we come up against many obstacles, barriers, or walls.  These walls might be financial hardship, relationship related heartache, neglect or abuse, health issues or loss of prized possessions or loved ones.   More often than not, even though they are walls that we cannot literally touch or see, we tend to look at them as very real set-backs or dead ends.  Since we cannot see these obstacles with our eyes, why not throw in a bit of blind faith and believe that each wall that we come up against has a window or a door. 
Now that I look back and mentally picture the design of my brother’s house, every wall really did have a window or a door.  All of the windows were portals to the outside world, as were the front and back doors, but the remaining doors led to other rooms or closets.

With some obstacles, the way out is clear, as was the case with the windows and the front and back or side doors.  Those obstacles that we face that feel too hard to get through may have one of those doors that lead to another room or a closet.  When you come to a barrier that has a door that leads to another room this is representative of a barrier that has been put in your life to lead you in another direction, or show you another way. 

When you are at a wall and the door leads to a closet, this represents that there are some things that need to be stored or tucked away. Hence, some barriers in your life are meant to teach you valuable lessons that you are to store in your mental arsenal to use at another time or to help others get through what they are going through.

So the next time you come to what seems to be an impenetrable wall in your life, know that there is a window or a door and take some time to think about what type of door it may be.  If there seems to be no way out, there will always we another way or a lesson to be learned.

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