Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Morning Routines That Make Your Day

We often blame people, situations or circumstances for the times when we have a bad day, but what we fail to realize is that no one has the power to ruin our day but us.  What we say and do when we wake up determines the direction that our day will take. 

I've found that I am far more productive when I have a morning ritual that sets a positive tone for the rest of my day. Each morning I wake up by 9am at the latest so that I can watch Creflo Dollar's television program, Changing Your World.  During the show I eat a healthy breakfast and after the show I read the Bible.  That entire process takes 30 minutes to an hour and it's my jump start to setting my day in the right direction.  Not only do I have the inspiration that I need to keep me going, but I've also started off with a nutritious meal that will increase my energy and metabolism.

Here are a few routines that I recommend to get your day off to the right start.  Choose one that works for you, or come up with your own and start tomorrow. :)

A Daily Affirmation

Memorize or post positive words and say them out loud.  My favorite affirmation is, "I am now open to receive."  I love this one because a lot of times we say that we want better things in life like money, joy or love...but the truth is that we are not ready or open to receive those things. 

A dear friend and colleague of mine overcame a very serious disease.  When I asked her how she did it her answer was, "Daily Affirmations".

Meditation and Prayer

Setting aside a specific time for focused meditation and prayer may be the only time of peace and quiet for most of you who I know have hectic lives and schedules.  Take this time to give thanks for all that you have, and to ask for all that you want or need.  Also, use this time to take some deep restorative breaths, because how often do you go through the entire day without taking a deep breath?  I know that I've been guilty of this offense, so let's all stop what we are doing right now and take a deep breath....Ahhhh... Now doesn't that feel good?  So make meditation, prayer and deep breathing a part of your day right from the start!


Whether it is stretching, Yoga, or a brisk walk or run, some type of movement each morning is a great way to start your day.  Believe it or not, it increases your energy throughout the day.  I also like the idea that if I get it done in the morning, I am less likely to put it off and end up skipping it all together.


So these are just a few ideas, but I encourage you to try something that works for you because ultimately, the tone, energy and flow of your day is up to you so why not make it positive! :)

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