Monday, June 7, 2010

Everything Happens for a Reason

 I’m sitting here at the Detroit Metro Airport after having missed my early morning flight to Rochester , New York.   In the past I might have cried or been frustrated to the point of making myself physically sick.  Now I sit here just as calm and cool as a cat because of something my mother always told me…”Everything happens for a reason.”

I called my Mom to let her know that I’d missed my flight and after about 37 seconds of sympathy she said, “What happened to last week’s Monday Morning Motivation? Why didn’t I get it? Did this new anti-virus software remove it from my computer?”  I had to smile. I didn’t do a Monday Morning Motivation last week because of the holiday and it wasn’t looking like I was going to be able to do one today either because of the early travel and business that I need to prepare for.  Well wouldn’t you know, I guess God had different plans for me today.  Perhaps I missed that flight just so I could get this out to you.

I strongly believe that when something is placed on your heart, you must get it out, because you never know who’s watching and who needs to hear, feel or see your message.  Just a few days ago I got a message from a young lady out of the blue.  She wanted to let me know that she’d read my first book, “The Ups and Downs of Being Round” and that it inspired her to lose over 100 pounds!  I was so excited to be able to touch and in some ways save a person’s life in such a way.  It speaks to a motivational message that I wrote in the past based upon a quote by a dear friend.  In short, when we don’t operate in our gifts, people could be dying.  I know that sounds harsh, but most of us know what we are supposed to be doing, and when we do operate in that purpose, we save lives. (I’ll speak more on this in my next motivational message because I’ve already been inspired with it.)

Sometimes when seemingly bad things happen, we get angry or upset, but we must keep in mind that everything happens for a reason.  Whatever has transpired may have saved us from something worse or be preparing us for something greater.  I wasn’t supposed to be on that flight this morning.  If I was, I’d be on it.  I trust that it happened for a very specific reason. So today, if something happens take a deep breath and know that there is a greater purpose behind it.   

So as I am sitting here trying to wrap up this message, a man that works here comes up to me and asks me how I like my mini net book computer.  I could have had an attitude, especially with the employees of the airline since I missed my flight because the attendant wasn’t at the gate 10 minutes before departure, then the plane pulled off earlier than scheduled.  He and I got to talking about what I do and he just gave me a huge valuable chunk of financial wisdom that I’ve been praying about.  Its official…today is going to be a great day.  No matter what happens, good or bad, know that it is for a reason and a purpose so just smile and keep the faith!

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