Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Step Back to Move Forward

Sometimes we can't see a situation for what it is while we are in it.  It is not until we take a step back that we are able to truly see the big picture. 
Imagine standing with your nose touching the side of a house.  All that you might see is a small space of white aluminum siding.   Take a step back and a window may come into view.  Take another step back and you may see a door.  Take more steps back and the garden, grass and entire house may come into view.  The space that you were initially zoomed in on may have been really clean, or really dirty, but once you stepped back and took in the full picture the true case may have been just the opposite.
The same is the case with our relationships and environments. When we are in it, or right up on it, we may not be able to clearly see it for what it truly is. There are two sides to this.  We may have the false perception that our situation is better than it truly is, or we may be so focused on where we are that we do not see all of the open doors and windows, greener grass or in essence, the possibilities all around us.
So today look at your jobs, your relationship and your environment from a different angle.  For some of you the steps may be literal, but they also symbolize taking some space, time for self, or maybe a vacation.  Perhaps the very reason that the situation is so strained is because you are smothering it by not giving it the room, the space or the light that it needs to grow and flourish.   
Imagine standing over a plant trying to will it to grow.  You'd be blocking the sunlight and neglecting to give it the water that it needs because you are too busy being all up on it.  While you are in the midst of your mess, or your make-believe happiness, you have a skewed view.  If you're feeling stagnant, stifled, or order to move forward...take a step back.

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