Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Five Alive!

Much of our motivation, or our lack of it, is directly related to the company that we keep. Who do you expose yourself to? Remember that you are highly susceptible to the energy that people give off. Think of other people’s energy as a highly contagious disease. The more you are around them; the more likely you are to get infected. It’s pretty hard to go through life without interacting with people; therefore it looks like we have no choice but to catch something. The questions is, what would you rather be infected with, negativity or positivity? Optimism or pessimism? Drive and ambition or complaining and excuse making?

Take inventory of the top five people that you spend the most time with…what is their affliction? Do they have that good bacteria that we need to keep our bodies healthy and balanced, or do that have a downright nasty disease? Negativity can literally make you sick, and if you surround yourself with those that are plagued by it, you will get it too!

Positive people are the antidote. Surround yourself with those that give off light, love and pure positive energy.

This week I encourage you to mix it up. Switch out one or two of the people who you give the gift of your time. I’m not saying to completely discard friends or associates, but like money…allocate or budget your time wisely. The negative people around you are like sweets or fried foods, when they are consumed in moderation, they won’t do too much harm, but if you eat them all of the time, the effects on your health are dangerous.

If you want to change your circumstances, it may be a matter of changing your immediate circle. Think about five people that you know, or you want to know that you admire and aspire to be like because they possess powerful characteristics that fill their lives with joy and success.   Once you’ve identified those people be intentional about surrounding yourself with them to improve your health, your wealth and your well-being. Those five will keep you alive!

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