Monday, March 1, 2010

The Coat

Coats are designed with the purpose of protecting us from the elements of wind, rain and snow. They also serve the function of keeping us warm. Our coats may get wet, or even dirty, but those things that come against them never destroy them or cause them to disintegrate. Our coats brave each element and continue to serve their purpose.

While our coats serve a powerful purpose, we can't expect them to do all of the work. There are some things that we must add to supplement the work that they do. We must add gloves, hats, scarves, boots, and of course we most certainly should be wearing warm clothing underneath.

Think of your coat as your faith. The elements are the daily things that come against you. The rain is financial hardship, the whipping wind is stress, the falling snow is frustration, the debilitating cold is disappointment. Our coats or our faith will protect us from most of those things, most of the time, but if we do not add those supplements mentioned above, those elements will find their way in to affect us.

Those supplements represent the work that must go along with our faith. The gloves represent the helping hands that we must use to give to others. The hat represents the wisdom and knowledge we must seek and the research and study that we must do. The boots represent the foundation that our feet must be firmly planted in and the ground upon which we must stand tall and strong, not allowing any of the elements to knock us down. The scarf is a representation of protection and preservation of the voice which we must use to speak out against injustice, to inspire and encourage others and to share our testimonies and the good news. Our clothing gives us the opportunity to add a touch of style to all that we do because we must live and lead by example, modeling that true faith, supported by work is real and when coupled together, they produce amazing results.

So put on your clothes, hat, boots, gloves, scarf and coat and go out to take on the world knowing that no matter what you come up against, or what comes at you, your faith and works will protect you.

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