Monday, February 15, 2010

The Overflow

This past weekend I went to Chicago for a Girl's Weekend Getaway with some dear friends that I've been close with since high school. It was one of those rare occasions where I traveled for pleasure and not business (even though you KNOW I was getting my network on and selling books.). I'm proud to say that even though it was a pleasure trip...I still got up early on Sunday morning and made my way to church. I'm glad that I did, because something that the Pastor said inspired this morning's message. He said,

"Everything in the cup, filled to the brim, belongs to me. I can only give you the overflow."

Let me elaborate....

Are you one of those people that just HAS to have their morning coffee? Do you know someone who is like that? If so, you know that religious coffee drinkers simply must have their coffee before they are able to function, be productive, and in many cases even speak.

McDonald's has a commercial out where a man crosses the paths of several people who try to greet him, but he cuts them all off by saying, "I haven't had my morning coffee."

So I want you to imagine a cup filled to the brim. The liquid represents everything that belongs to you...everything you need. So, if you need every drop that's in that cup to thrive and can only give the overflow.

If you gave all of your co-workers and friends a sip, and then all of your friends and family members a'd have little or nothing left for yourself.

With just a few meager drops, or an empty cup, you won't be able to thoroughly handle your business spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially or otherwise. So fill your cup first in order to be most effective and efficient and only give others the overflow.

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