Sunday, January 10, 2010

Visualize to Realize

I was on my way to a training a few weeks ago, on a dark morning when the weather was terrible and I knew it would only get worse the closer I got to my destination, which was three hours away. My anxiety began the night before and each moment that I drove it increased. I could not see myself arriving to my destination safely. Since I could not visualize myself in the place that I was on my way to, fear and anxiety took over to the point where it began to affect me physically. I pulled off of the freeway twice before I finally just decided to turn around and go home.

This is directly related to the goals and resolutions that you have set for the New Year. If you cannot see yourself starting and running that business, or as a more slim and healthy person, you will not get there. This is the reason that people create vision boards. Visual images feed the mind and make things real. You have to be able to mentally or even physically see where you want to be. So take some time each day to just day dream. See yourself in that new house or car. Envision yourself on that beach in that tropical place that you've always wanted to visit.

If mental pictures aren't enough to motivate you, create a physical picture with cut outs from a magazine on a poster board.

In order for your dreams to be realized, they must first be visualized. See where you want to be and you'll arrive at your destination eventually.

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